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A walk about Kigali will provide lessons in history, beauty, and forgiveness.


“We enjoyed every minute in Rwanda thanks to our amazing guides Jan Luc and Jado. We definitely recommend them to everybody.”

Laszlo & Katalin

“Don't leave Kigali before taking a guided tour with Jean Luc and Jado”
Brittany Wenger
“Jado and Jean Luc are amazing guides. Highly recommended.”
John Bloss
“I learned things about Rwanda that I didn't know before”
Melanie Merritt

A perfect & exciting place
to see the wildlife

“Book your tour guide today. You will thank me later. It was the highlight of our vacation in Rwanda”
Johnson Family
“It was our first time in Kigali. What a special moment and memories with those friendly people.”
Laszlo and wife