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Kigali is one of those cities that most people can’t quickly point out on a map, but reference it as the capital city  Rwanda and eyes flash with recognition.


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Jan Luc takes you by car wherever you wish to go. Visit the wildlife or see Kigali by night – it is up to you.

Jado walks you through  the historic districts in Kigali. Tired of walking? Get on a bike and see more.

Learn everything about Rwanda

Despite the genocide that erupted in the country more than 20 years ago, Rwandans are now intent on shifting that tragic spotlight and moving their country forward. Ambitious infrastructure plans, a commitment to technology, gains in gorilla conservation, environmental game plans, and local champions mean that the future looks hopeful.

Great People. Amazing Tours. Beautiful Kigali.

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We take you by car all over Rwanda. If you like walking, come with us and see how people live.


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We are trained tourist guides and have been working in that field since 2014.


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You changed your mind? Don't worry, we don't charge for cancellation.


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Not sure where to go? Tell us how much time you have and we will plan the best trip for you.


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You are not alone? Bring your family and friends and enjoy our tours with them.


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Get ready your camera! You will feel the urge to take millions of photos.


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Let us help you with finding the best located hotel adjusted to your tour plans. Call us and we arrange your acomodation.

Know your guides: Jean Luc & Jado

Jean Luc Rushema


I have always been interested in communication with people, therefore I received my Communication and Journalism degree from University of Rwanda in 2014.

Beside my native language Kinyarwanda, I speak Swahili, English and French. Since I like meeting people, talk to them, listen to their stories, I started to look for a job where I could use my skills the most.

One day, I came across a company involved in tourism which was looking for tourist guides. My communication skills, knowledge of 4 languages and the history of Rwanda, plus having a driving licence – all made it easy for me to succeed in the job interview and pass the company’s special exam.

I have been working as an accident free tourist guide since 2014, and have shown our beautiful country to many tourists coming from the UK, USA, Hungary, Germany, Kenya, Tanzania and other African countries.


Jado short for Jean de Dieu

I was born in Kigali, in the very place of our walk tour. That area is also known as a place where people never sleep, very busy all the time, more vibrant and mainly inhabited by Muslims. By the way, the Muslim community saved a lot of lives during the genocide in 1994.

I became a tourist guide after completing a training program offered by NWC in 2014. I have being working as a tourist guide since then not only for NWC, but for other companies as well.

My cousine is a member of this self-supporting group, and since my childhood I have seen how hard they worked to make ends meet. NWC was extremely determined to educate women and their dependents. I was blessed having had that opportunity.